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ISPO: A new lightness in winter sports

Posté par stebenda le 24/04/2017

Many manufacturers rely on weight reduction - in reflective clothing such equipment. But revolutionary new products are in short supply. Those in search of sports in the snow in winter, often comes difficult therefore packed. Ski and boots on his feet, equipment in the backpack, to the waterproof clothing in several layers - everything will be towed. Prevent sweat will no longer runs in streams, the industry relies on ease. Like a thread, the topic of weight reduction moves by the International Sporting Goods Fair (ISPO), which still presented to trade visitors in Munich today the novelties of the winter 2017/18. In search of ever lighter materials, the ski manufacturers will find it in aerospace and racing industries. Mainly carbon is often used, sometimes as tubes, sometimes as mats. These lightweight woods are processed, PET plastics, as well as natural products such as flax, bamboo or rubber. Especially the companies represented in the Ski World Cup offer this winter in addition to the usual runway models also FIS going racing lines. Atoll offers its Race tiger- and code models as Pro version with extra rigid separator plate under the bond and a special cut of the edges. Hikers are drawn to the slopesUnbroken trend is the touring and free ride segment. With its Speed fit collection Dynamite takes this audience to target. Optimized for Powder as paste skiing weighs just one kilogram (without binding), the shoe little more. Matched by a helmet with head lamps, reflective vest and a backpack with light bar are offered. Tours on the slopes are also so popular with many because the avalanche danger is excluded. The situation is different in open terrain. Probe, shovel and especially the avalanche device (LVS) are standard equipment. While in the now widespread avalanche backpacks with airbag hardly novelties can be discerned, is the subject of mammoth LVS an exclamation point. The new Barry should be especially intuitive to use, have a higher reception range and especially the fine search to the last meter can be significantly smoother. Light and comfortable boots are required. This is ensured by new technologies that make it possible to analyze the foot better and is optimally align the shoe. Especially the ladies attach importance to a pleasant feeling around the toes. With his series "Women to Women" (designed by women for women) Technical will meet this requirement. The combination of lamb’s wool and Reliant fiber, which consists of 13 embedded in polyester minerals to convert the body heat in infrared energy, and these reflect the foot. Colorful but not motley therefore the fashion of the coming winter is coming. The era of flashy neon colors and wild prints is over. Finally want - jackets are worn not only on the slopes, but also for hiking, mountain biking or strolling through the city - often settled in the upper price segment. But first and foremost function is required. Most powerful and most flexible materials provide protection from wind and weather. Clear trend this year: Instead of fashionable frills timeless design is called for, which connects many application variants with longevity and best ecologically and ethically correct production.Therefore, the weight does not have to stay on track - on the contrary. Especially the so-called hard shells (unlined but extremely rugged jackets and trousers as an outer layer of clothing) are also lighter despite improved functionality.  Who holds at ISPO after curiosities out will find it. The ski manufacturer from France introduces a safety vest that is worn under the jacket and has an air bag. At a price of around 1,000 Euros to the mass market, however, the airbag vest is unlikely to develop. The same applies to a similarly expensive product from the Far East. The Japanese manufacturer Rexam presents a symbiosis of snowboard and scooters. Whether the board with handlebars really provides new fun in the snow, but must show still.

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