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Police officers handed out reflective vests new pre-school

Posté par stebenda le 24/03/2017

Safe to walk - is the name of the project Municipal Police, under which they were takenreflective vest for children from kindergarten in the street B. Msgr.


Gradually, the officers will come from the vendor 600 pieces, so its armor will have preschoolers of all kindergartens in the city. The lifetime is calculated for two years, the safety vest will be continuously varied.


"We ordered them so that when walking was good to see all the kids. So far, they usually vest only children at the beginning and end of the group, "says Petro from the leadership of the Municipal Police.


Vests by reflective fabric will be placed on the logo and address each of the nurseries, allowing easy identification of children in the event that it is lost.

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Drivers in safety vest will strike

Posté par stebenda le 22/03/2017

Liberec Region adds to the salaries of drivers 42 million crowns, but will want from the state. The strike of drivers in safety vest of public transport bus is over, the county will provide to increase their salaries 42 million crowns.


According to government regulations, employers are prepared to pay from January 1, 2017 increase. "Wages have ridiculously small, around fifteen thousand. I think for that responsibility for many passengers is not enough, "said one of the drivers.

But it is also clear that the coach operators are not able to bear higher costs in the long term. "Costs are able to carry one to two months," said Director of bus line Chabot.


And here starts region, though ... "The proposal to amend the 2017 budget, we are ready to supplement the amount of one million, but the state will seek compensation. A year is roughly EUR 42 million, "calculated Martin, President of the Liberec Region.


Trade Union of Transport before Monday's negotiations in December threatened to strike; now the drivers are happy. "Employees are demanding a guarantee that government regulations will be respected by employers. Carriers agreed to meet him. We want the government to clear limits which will be binding on the regions and carriers will create certainty in order to pay the increased wages, and vice versa, that the regions will offset the costs, "said Alfonzo Kokako in reflective vest deputy chairman of the trade union of transport. ZDY bus drivers should be by agreement between the Government and trade unions to raise the New Year by about a third from the current 71.60 crowns per hour to 98.10 crowns.


The increase has extra fee for waiting between sessions, should be introduced surcharge for demanding work environments. The minimum guaranteed income bus driver at 60 hours of waiting and timetabled working time of 168 hours and is estimated by the government to increase by about 7,800 a month. "For bus line that means a monthly addition of about six million," explained Chabot, chairman of the bus line, which is the largest carrier in the region.


Carriers have estimated that the cost per kilometer due to higher wages and a new feast will increase by three to four crowns. According to the Ministry of Regional Development Region compensate for existing contracts can increase violated the Public Procurement Act. The unions therefore turned to for assistance directly to the Prime Minister.


Wage increases in bus transport drivers will likely mean a more expensive fare on commercial flights from the New Year, admitted today Chabot. How much the fare particularly on long-haul routes will go up, but we could not tell: "We are waiting for a new regulation on the maximum price, issued by the Ministry of Transport and by the calculation of the price of commercial transportation. We know that we have to raise prices, "said Chabot in reflective clothing


Price hike fares could reduce losses and for subsidized regional routes, the county but rejects this solution. "Increasing the price of subsidized transport at the moment I do not see a solution, the number of passengers in buses decreased in recent years and the increase in prices would mean a further loss of passengers and possibly endangering some less busy routes. I would not want to raise wages for the driver ultimately means a smaller number of public buses in the Liberec region, "said the governor.

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In Finland they invented chili safety vest for dogs

Posté par stebenda le 20/03/2017

In Finland Norms they have a problem. Wild wolves attack pets, especially dogs. Finns therefore devised a special safety vest packed with chili powder that is sprayed into the attack in the neighborhood and discourage potential attackers. To test the new dog vest prompted dog owners still propagating attacks by wolves. Only this year has been attacked thirty dogs in the area. Residents also fear their children run outside. The author of the idea is Jesse, which is similar to the attempter’s Amendment already past decade. A testing it chose the city of Norms where most attacks occurred. "It's kind of my own war," he explained. The vest is of solid, reflective material and has therein trays with a burning chili powder. When the wolf to pet attacks and bites into his vest, magazine launches cloud chili, which hits him in the mouth and the nose, which at the moment employs his senses, and it can not deter the attack. A more radical solution would not be possible in Finland performed because the wolf is protected in the country, so it cannot depict the trap or kill him. In Finland, according to the census of about 250 wolves, though this year the government praised controlled blasting about 50 pieces of individuals to regulate conditions and also prevent illegal poaching. Life reflective clothing will be tested by this spring, when they will be ready for screening. Here are the numbers of wolves and significantly lower his time even disappeared. The last wolf was killed by Czech Imperia December 2, 1874 bullet builder. Moravia was shot last loner 1914. Wolves in recent years began to appear again, currently only in the number of individual items sometimes identified.

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Austria prepared safety vest for motorcyclists

Posté par stebenda le 16/03/2017

In the most popular Italian destinations Babine only last season came to over 30,000 Czechs. Many drivers run regularly through Austria and among them are increasingly bikers too. This year they must, for example, know where to stick his bike may vignette and what belongs to wear uniforms with reflective material


Bikers for ten pay around 140 crowns and now it must stick prominently on the front fork, or face a fine of the equivalent of up to four thousand crowns. Police can check not only signs, for example, binoculars, but also using radar. If there are no sign placed at the right place, at the policemen checking automatically taken that the driver does not, and besides fines may require the purchase of new stamps.  


Biker applies mandatory equipment. Today we routinely to mandatory reflective safety vest bikers must not forget the first aid kit in a special package in which it may not penetrate any dirt as dust or mud. And it must have a new biker spare fuse and recommendations are still spare bulb.


A speeding not only between two tunnels in the Austrian Alps, police rigorously punish the equivalent of up to sixty thousand-fine. For example, on the A10 motorway towards Italy must closely watch the bikers sign, because some sections have daytime bikers permitted maximum speed of only 110 km per hour. The same rate applies to all during the night from 22 to 06 hours. New police officers in  safety vest can also check safe distances and you should have the bikers by Igor orphans from ÚAMK at least three seconds.

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Detainee are arrested by police in safety vest

Posté par stebenda le 14/03/2017

In a sentence of 200 days in prison he was sentenced Alfredo de la Cruz Cid, arrested subject by police in reflective vest on June 9 last year when it was part of a series of demonstrations and burning barricades that were made in the vicinity of the University.


It is recalled that in that place, a group of masked men were carrying burning barricades outside the enclosure, disrupting public order and attacking with blunt objects and stones personnel who was doing work on the various traffic arteries.


Police officials were able to sense the presence of the accused, who was wearing at the time, colored orange jacket with reflective material lines, camouflaged military-style pants, hooded face and a green turtleneck.


The police managed to observe the precise time when the accused threw incendiary bombs Molotov type to the place where the police personnel was and to the same street.


Last week was conducted the trial, where judges of the Court decided to sentence him to 200 days in prison for the crime of possession of explosive device is attempted. However, it was left as fulfilled due to the time in which the subject remained detained by police in safety vest during the investigation.

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AXO Orlando: new reflective jacket for your bike trips

Posté par stebenda le 10/03/2017

Specially designed to ensure the safety of motorists in their getaway weekend or long trips, transalpine company presents its new partner essential for this winter: Orlando and Orlando Lady reflective vest, which will delight lover’s routes on two wheels.


The Orlando new in its male and female version, come as the perfect balance between design, comfort and protection. Made on the outside based high tenacity polyester, these models incorporate a waterproof membrane Watertight, which avoids any type of filtration even the rainiest days. They also allow the correct body perspiration thanks to its perforated liner, antiseptic and anti-sweat polyester.


For days at a higher temperature, Orlando AXO also features a padded removable reflective fabric inner lining and a ventilation system on chest and back that allow use even when the spring season arrives. As if that were not enough, adjustments in waist, arms and fists of this model and its many and deep pockets, make the Orlando and Orlando Lady in a great example of comfort and functionality, especially during trips or routes.


Both jackets have been developed and tested especially thinking of the safety of the rider. For this AXO has designed its new jackets with elements such as CE approved protections on shoulders and elbows, plus zipper union with pants or  reflective material inserts for greater visibility without sacrificing its attractive style.


This model can now be purchased in black or black / yellow, for a price of 179 Euros including VAT, and sizes ranging from S to L in the case of Orlando Lady and L to 4XL in their male version.

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"No picture, please" – reflective scarf

Posté par stebenda le 08/03/2017

A safety vest scared away the paparazzi? This is the new must-have celebrity.


Nobody likes to be photographed at the exit of the airport after a long flight. Except perhaps Kendall Jenner who handles the art of traveling clothes to perfection.


To solve this problem that plagues the lives of many VIP, a designer has designed a scarf "anti-paparazzi". The reflective fabric actually contains crystals reflecting light emitted by the flashes of photographers. Celebrities are so invisible in the photos, as explained in the Vanity Fair website.


His "privacy scarF' with reflective tape has already conquered many stars like Paris Hilton or Cameron Diaz. He was thinking.

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Secondary students to wear fluorescent jackets

Posté par stebenda le 06/03/2017

A 15-year-old was in October hit and killed by a car in Thurgau. Now, the school board responded: Starting Monday, all students must wear fluorescent safety vest to school.


On the morning of October 21, a 15-year-old girl went with her bike on the main road towards Mariel TG. A 59-year-old oncoming van driver overtook a vehicle in front of him and tractor ran over the girl. Despite the immediate resuscitation attempts by emergency services and Raga the girl died later at the accident site.


For Behrens was clear: Now something has to change. "This tragic accident has moved us to action. In my tenure that is now already the third case of death of a student or a student to school, "says the President of secondary school, Roger, opposite the "Thurgau Seating”. Therefore, it is called on Monday for all Secondary pupils: At any time a light jacket on the way to school must be worn. For those who go by bike to school in addition the helmet law applies.


Call for greater safety for cyclists

A 41-year-old mother was surprised by the instructions first. "But I must say that it is a good idea that could be brought in everywhere," says the mother over 20 minutes. The students themselves are skeptical. "At noon I will not put it really. But now we have to stop, "says Vanessa, student of the 2nd secondary."In the morning and evening I had the luminous reflective clothing always on, the helmet anyway."


The previous approach, with a recommendation to the parents of the students, did not bring the desired effect. Many children made without fluorescent vest on the way to school. The danger for the student is precisely in a rural area, partly where students have a long way to school, especially high. "We have made contact after the disaster with the Canton. We call for more safety for cyclists along the streets, "says Haldenstein.


In Road Cross Switzerland, an organization which campaigns for road casualties and increase road safety, it is fundamentally convinced of the idea. "Safety-the action is good," said Spokesman Stefan. The fact that a country's west compulsory for students introduced to school, is for him not be proportionate. "We cannot expect that every student in Switzerland always wears a light jacket," says Karen. Useful are those vests but in younger children, who would perceive the market or otherwise and therefore depended strongly on the correct behavior of the other.


Legally, this scheme is possible. As Peter Hofmann, Managing Director of Unit GmbH, but says the school is basically a matter of parents. "If the school decides something and give parents their agreement, then there is no problem," says Hofmann. But he stressed that the school a student cannot atone, when not wearing his fluorescent vest.


Wearing the vest is of course

One may be curious to see if the students follow the instructions of the school. "We will carry out in the coming days and weeks Controls whether all kids wear fluorescent jackets also," says headmaster Hans Martin Keller. He is aware that it takes some time until the children have become accustomed to the west. "But at some point will be wearing the reflective vest for granted."

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ADAC-Angel in reflective vest is caught by a car and dies

Posté par stebenda le 02/03/2017

A tragic accident occurred on Sunday evening at the B16 near Regensburg. A helper in safety vest of the ADAC was caught during breakdown assistance by a passing car. He died at the accident site.


The 42-year-old ADAC helper, as the police superintendent reported, was about to tow a leftover Opel. The vehicle was on the early Sunday evening on the green tire and suffered damage to the front axle. The accident site had been professionally secured by the ADAC helper: The hazard warning system of the towing machine lit up, a warn derrick was put up and the man himself carried a warning reflective vest.


Nevertheless the driver of an approaching golf overlooked the accident site. The 42-year-old was caught by the car, bounced against the front disc and was thrown through the air. He remained lifeless in the street. The emergency doctor could only determine the death of the man. The driver of the gulf suffered a shock and was sent to a nearby hospital.


Rescue workers prayed for their colleague

The three inmates of the breakdown car from the area were at the time of the accident outside their car. They were standing on the green tire next to the road and had to look at the happenings, but remained uninjured. They were psychologically supervised on site.


The police reflective clothing inspectorate of Regenstein have taken the investigation. On the order of the public prosecutor, an expert was consulted. The B 16 was completely blocked during the accident and rescue work until approx. 22:30 clock. After the rescue work the rescue workers stopped. Together with a pastor, they prayed for the accident victim.

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"Get visible": Karlsruhe distinguishes cyclists

Posté par stebenda le 28/02/2017

Bad weather, spring, sunshine: As a cyclist you have to be weather resistant. In the raffle "Get visible" to 20 winners could appreciate a practical gift. This is clear from a press release of the City of Karlsruhe.


Rainers Kusch and another 19 citizens are among those who set the benchmark on the bike go. You have on the urban bike light action "Get visible" competition - and now won a carrier bag thanks to a lucky draw. Yesterday they handed Mayor Michael Obvert in the town hall on the market square, the black, waterproof panniers with reflective material.


Around seventy Cyclists have "visible Test your" between the end of November 2015 and the end of January 2016, the Action took part. For the third time the action was intended to make cyclists visible. Opener was on 26 November free bike light check until the end of January could also at any of the nine Karlsruhe Bicycle Dealers, share the action, check the wheel light free and repaired if necessary.


"When I drive a car, I am grateful to cyclists with light"

The action participants and participants were given a safety plus safety vests or reflector tapes. And who wanted to challenge his luck of the draw to repair or install a new light, was his ticket for 20 panniers "werfen2 in the ring.


For winner Dieter Mows light is a must: "It's about seeing and being seen." Susanne Ness relies not only on the light: "motorists often do not see us cyclists despite light Therefore I wear a safety vest.” To improve being seen in the winners yet, the bags were filled with other safety devices: safety vests, reflector strips and reflective coatings for the bicycle helmet.


"This is not turned on bicycle light is not the main cause of accidents between cars and Biking" says Mayor Michael Obvert. But a survey by the ADAC had already over ten years ago revealed that turning on the bike light is important for the transport air. "If I even drive a car, I am grateful to cyclists with the lights, "Jessica Nay can confirm from personal experience.


Wolf Boulder also has absolutely no understanding: One must only once in the morning in winter day before classes begin to the Reflective vest and hit "Studies without light in rows of six," said the Otter. You even see obvious even without light enough - for other road users, they are not always well perceived.

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Idea with reflective vest for more safety in traffic

Posté par stebenda le 24/02/2017

"My idea will prevail", Christian is convinced and he can protect this idea as a utility model, registered with the Patent Office under number 2,020,150,023,320th


Many know Christian without knowing who he is. Christian is not to be overlooked, because he always wears a neon yellow safety vest. Why does he do that? - To keep safety. Since a car accident, he would never be seen again. And because drives him and the concern for others, he has made an invention some time ago: the "daytime running lights in the form of an animal face for vehicles".


Christian really simple idea: As much front of the car should be equipped with reflective material. So he turns the spotlight as designed predator eyes, accompanied by four predator teeth in the spoiler area. Arrested Christian has his ideas on 14 pages, this documented many alternatives.


His suggestion: to reach as much road safety with reflective vest. Now he hopes that the automotive industry picks up his idea and implements.

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The safety vest of pedestrians in road traffic

Posté par stebenda le 22/02/2017

Reflective clothing – it is in the Czech Republic for pedestrians in certain situations the duty. A pedestrian - choose then has a reflective clothing- reflective vest,a reflective stripe – reflective tape or other reflective elements-  reflective fabric wear clothing. And this is true in the dark - rain or fog - MLHA on roads that neither pavement-clothing still lighting. Reflective clothing is made of a material reflects back the light, and that the light that comes from a headlight, so from a reflector – safety vest . The reflection significantly increases visibility of the pedestrian, and it is therefore not so easily overlooked by motorists.


Reflecting so called re-radiate-light, a reflection is useful. Therefore, a reflex reflector is helpful. In philosophy, the reflection means - reflexes implementing its own mental activity, sometimes it is a synonym for reflection. A consideration is in Czech or even reflexes.


Reflect on something – reflective material on something is interested in something - or apply for something. Next time we talk about the reflexes. Goodbye in a week! 

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Reflective vest for Action fireflies 2016

Posté par stebenda le 20/02/2017

On 09.12.2016 is again the “fireflies” swarm in Viersen. This now established action in December to road user wear reflective vest in the Viersen signal: Visibility is safety!


Many kindergartens throughout the District of Viersen will participate 7:45 to 8:15 watches are alike with the traffic safety consultants and the district service officials of the district police in the campaign "fireflies". The safety of children in road traffic is the main focus. Everyone will be handed out a safety vest and a reflective tape.


On heavily traveled roads, the equipped with reflective strips, reflective safety vests, flashlights, lanterns or Binkies children gather with their teachers and parents to "twinkle in the dark." The adult road users should therefore be made aware of the presence of the weaker on the road.

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Colorful, cheerful and reflective vest of school

Posté par stebenda le 16/02/2017

In the name of the Primary School Major Henrys is an ongoing task of the "reflective school". "Reflective School" aims to raise awareness and road safety and to promote the wearing reflective material elements.


Students and teachers realized a lot of interesting action. The first and most important stage of the competition was to equip children with life and  reflective vest  As a result, students feel safer when out and school trips, but also on the way to and from school.


There have also been many lessons and practical activities that promote safe behavior on the road. It is fun and colorful, as are formed safety vest newsletters, drawings, posters, models, rhymes, etc... As part of the tasks of the school teamed up with various individuals and institutions: Communal Public Library, the Regional Police Headquarters, Radio "DAM - Nosy Sacs" Volunteer Guard brigades, paramedic Gregory and with parents and the local community.

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Fatal accident: Audi driver hit pedestrian without reflective vest

Posté par stebenda le 14/02/2017

A tragic accident occurred at night on the national road No. 16 on the section Olsztyn Barceló. Audi driver fatally struck a pedestrian who did not have a reflective vest.

The accident occurred at approx. 23.00 near the close Totowa. According to the preliminary information, the 24 - year-old driver of Audi A6 going towards Barceló hit a 37-year-old man. The driver tried to give first aid to the victim, and then paramedics resuscitated him. Unfortunately, the man died. 

After the accident, the national sixteen was locked into the early hours. The movement took place through service. On-site work of the traffic police in safety vest. the prosecutor and the firefighters who is illuminates the area.

Audi driver was sober. Foot had no reflectors.

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Municipal Police in Bialystok distributes reflective vests

Posté par stebenda le 10/02/2017

Dozens of reflective vest went into the hands of Bialystok cyclists. Another Municipal Police in Bialystok will deal on Friday.

- A very large group of accident victim’s road pedestrians and cyclists, or vulnerable road users - says Joann in reflective clothing, a spokeswoman for the Municipal Police in Bialystok. - Therefore, it's about their safety should take care especially. During a collision with another vehicle driver you can count on airbags or seatbelts. Pedestrian and cyclist do not protect anything.


Reflective vests will at least see them from afar. Therefore, the municipal guards decided to take matters into their own hands and take care of security cyclists. On Thursday, each encountered on their way cyclist received safety vests. –Elements reflectors are an excellent form of secure visibility on the road - adds Joanna. - There are still undervalued and often is they save lives unprotected road users.


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Safety vests and helmets is needed for taking off

Posté par stebenda le 08/02/2017

Coming on patrol, you never know what might happen. Reports are similar to each other and the threat of permanent over time so a man accustomed to it. Airplane flight was even pleasant. So far, I flew military machines, in which the seats are replaced with benches, and there were even a flight attendant. It's a nice change. At the airport in Beirut welcomed us merciless heat. With our luggage we went quickly because we took few belongings. He is waiting for us military bus with two bodyguards, and only from a distance, waved to us by our predecessors. On each seat lay a big blue reflective vest bulletproof and blue helmet with the inscription UN. How do we put it and firmly fasten the chin strap of the helmet. But why driver goes in the same shirt? He did not even have time to say goodbye to the guys who drive to Agoura, just urged us to make it before dark to Jays. When he is going up the highway south of Lebanon, cannot see that this region. He was unable to armed conflict on the road to normal traffic. There are checkpoints, but especially the military does not interfere with daily life. Just behind Beirut driver shows us the hills covered with houses covered with corrugated iron and foil - Palestinian refugee camps. This is the time of the conflict with Israel, Palestinians this country began to fall into disrepair. In 1970 on the territory of Lebanon established the seat of the Palestine Liberation Organization and in 1975-1990 was a war home between Muslims and Christian group’s part, caused by the influx of Palestinian refugees from Israel. Before the war, Lebanon was called the Switzerland of the Middle East. After the "war draw-well" in 1978, a man named Basher temporarily denied Syrian troops from areas inhabited by Christians. In the same year in southern Lebanon, the Israeli army and South Lebanon Army occupied the narrow strip of land identified as a safety zone separating Lebanon from Israel. Since then it stationed in South Lebanon, the UN peacekeeping mission, or UNIFIL. So also carried by the intricate history of this beautiful country, we go through Tyr, where tight turn to the east, piney winding road up and we get to Jays. It is late afternoon, and we, tightly locked up in our reflective clothing, helmets from let's look at the elegant major, who greets us in a calm voice. - Welcome gentlemen. For the moment, you will spread to their barracks, where according to its own discretion. This will be your home for six months and for some maybe even a year. We are here for one missionary family and do here so treat each other. Applies here, of course, a lot of rights, but one thing is important: what happens in Jays, it is in Jays! Please keep this in mind. So more or less it looked like a brief welcome our major. Safety vest and helmets we take off. Every day there is no need to walk in them, load them during the alarm and patrols. Polish Engineering Company is a grouping of Polish Engineers Subunits that March 15; 1994yearIt took over the tasks stationed in Jays Swedish company engineers. Our tasks include demining and reconstruction of war-torn structure of the off-road area. I was assigned to the third section in the platoon protection as a sharpshooter. A platoon sergeant proves Eagle. From the previous mission was a Corporal and Lance, along with me yet joined two of a series, so that the section has a six-part, are included. In the evening we go to the store and grab uniforms, which are ideally suited to the local climate. We get blue berets.

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Adidas new clothing with reflective tape

Posté par stebenda le 06/02/2017

For SS 2017 White Mountaineering reinterpret the classic garments Adidas Originals, as hooded,reflective clothing, t-shirt with logo, crew sweatshirts, workout pants and short

The classic Adidas Originals are preparing to conquer us for the next EP in 2017 with many new features.

For the collection for next summer Adidas back to work with the Japanese brand White Mountaineering and designer Yosuke, creating a sophisticated and exclusive collection that celebrates style, creativity and innovation.

The collection combines the typical features of White Mountaineering, namely the technical and modern approach, attention to detail and experience in functional products, with the long tradition of Adidas Originals and its iconic three stripes.

Not only that, the summer season will also mark the launch of the new sneaker NMD Trail, EQT Support Future, Campus and NMD R2.

White Mountaineering reinterpret the classic garments Adidas Originals, as hooded, jackets, safety vest with logo, crew sweatshirts, workout pants and shorts , presenting them in two separate launch phases. The undisputed focus of White Mountaineering for detail contributes to the review of the technically innovative sportswear signed Adidas Originals, creating a collection Spring / summer modern and rich writing and colors. Among the outfits this season stand out above all the long coat and trousers Challenger, but also the anorak training and short.

Inspired by the philosophy of "Urban Nomad", the theme of "Urban Mobility" is the centerpiece of the collection - a proposal for the occasion in a new guise - and encourages the launch of the partnership with White Mountaineering for the realization of excellent sneakers in addition to the line of clothing. The models Trail NMD, NMD R2 and EQT Support Future will be marked by unmistakable aesthetic details like the 3 reflective clothing, technical materials and Boost Technology. The secret of this exclusive footwear is born creative synergy between the two brands, which strengthens the commitment of both to an innovative and contemporary street wear.

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Victim in accident without wearing a reflective vest

Posté par stebenda le 23/01/2017

Two fatalities occurred within a few hours on Sunday and on Friday another extremely serious accident occurred, which resulted in serious injuries to two young women without wearing safety vest The first fatal accident occurred at Santana out of a car hitting a man full 59 years traveling on an electric bicycle. The driver left the accident scene, it was found by police a few hours later. The victim had a residence in the town of Santana.  "The preliminary investigation conducted on the spot, it was established that on October 23, around 3.00, a young man of 21, while driving a car on DJ791, from Santana New to the exit of the town Santana caught and fatally injured a man of 59 years who travel on electric bike in the same direction of travel, without reflective vest and helmet. Following the accident, the driver left the accident scene after being identified by police road at around 6.00. The driver is being investigated for manslaughter, police continue investigations to determine the exact circumstances of the accident, “declared spokesman Arad County Police Inspectorate, inspector Lorraine. According to representatives of Arad County Police, the young man was detained for 24 hours, and in the Monday to be presented with proposal of preventive arrest.

The second fatal accident occurred Sunday around 06.00, on Boulevard, two men who were traveling on a moped entering into an electricity pole. The young 26 year old who led moped died, and the 30-year-old suffered serious injuries. The two young men are in the town of New Tisa.  "The preliminary investigation conducted on the spot, it was established that a young man of 26 years without holding a driving license for any category, led by Nicholas Avenue a moped, taking the back seat a man 30 years and amid excessive speed, lost control over the direction of travel, leaving the roadway, entering into a stanchion of the grid. Following impact, the driver died and the passenger was seriously injured. It still investigating “, said police inspector Lorena.

Three high school students were injured Friday after strolling stroller with roadside national 7, was hit by a car trailer. The accident occurred in the town, on the DN7, where three girls, one 16 and two 17, were walking with a stroller. According to witnesses, the girls stood on a pallet placed on the carriage, which was drawn by three boys. A car traveling on the meaning Arad - Diva and towing a trailer, which was placed another car, crashed into the cart, the three girls were injured. "The driver was a man of 48 years in Constanta and three girl’s trolley that circulates standing on the roadside when he was hooked. Minors were injured, one being taken from a helicopter SMURD spot, “said the, County Police spokesman, Lorena. The victim was taken by helicopter transported the Timisoara County Hospital, was admitted to the Neurosurgery Department. The young woman suffered numerous internal and external injuries and will be done. Another girl was taken by ambulance and transported to Arad County Hospital with a fractured arm and other injuries, while the third victim suffered minor injuries and refused to go to hospital. They teach at the School of Technology, but no one knows yet why they were not in class. Police in reflective clothing have opened a criminal negligence for personal injury, aiming deed, not the people at this time of the investigation

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Attention drivers! Wear a safety vest for fog day

Posté par stebenda le 19/01/2017

Center General Inspectorate of Romanian Police in safety vest recommends drivers traveling on DN7 Arad and DN68 to exercise greater caution and run slowly because fog reduces - in places - visibility below 100 meters.

Also on the A1 motorway on the section, traffic is carried in dense fog. Between 494 and 517 kilometers, visibility drops, sometimes under 50 meters.


Fog, besides reducing speed, wear a safety vest  increasing the distance walking and proper use of lights, in terms of highways and other specific rules must be observed:

- Turn off the lanes and the emergency lane!

- In case of power failure or technical failure, turn on hazard warning lights, equip yourself with reflective vest , remove occupants off the roadway and place reflective triangles, one after the other, at greater distances!

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