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Fool's Gold – glare reflective vest

Posté par stebenda le 17/01/2017

As promised in the previous article, once a month we will publish up information flares for motorcyclists. For what - Increase your visibility, and thus will improve their safety. It is time for news from the world of glare. The first question should be "how the reflectors'?

Reflective - is the principle on which they operate glare. It consists in that the light (e.g. Car headlamp) is reflected from the reflective material and returns to its source. Characterized by a reflective material such structure that the light is reflected in a direction close to that of which the (not is only when it is the perpendicular). This structure is formed special items placed on the material - glass microspheres, or tiny acrylic prisms.

Describing these technical details we had a specific purpose. Since we already know how the glare, the next question should be whether all reflective "shine"? There are two ways that allow you to check whether your glare motorcycle functions:

Take a photo with your phone turned his glare flash files from a distance of about 6m. If the image you see distinctive flash it means that your reflections are OK. After a few washes his motorcycle clothing with reflective elements do again this procedure. If the image is the same effect that means that your reflections are of good quality. Unfortunately, it often happens that is not certified reflectors lose their values ​​after a few washes (fluorescent material andreflective tape are losing their properties).

The second way is to memorize this shortcut - EN 471. If reflectors are certified it on the label should have the information that the product is made from materials that meet the standard EN 471 or product satisfies the standard EN 471.

How they were taken pictures of various glares?

The creators of the campaign Hen Visible deliberately did photos with the mobile phone flash files; so that everyone can perform this test you. Magazine, in which the pictures were taken - light minimally gets through the windows on the model.

We have two types of images:

The light coming through the window + Fluorescent

Off fluorescent light (imitation twilight)

Photos illustrate how different reflectors are available on the market. It's great that you want to ride in sheen. However, our article is to educate, what to look for when buying accessories with reflective elements.

What defines the standard EN 471?

EN 471 - clothing High-visibility warning for professional use (professional). The standard specifies requirements for clothing visually signaling the user's presence, to notice him and see in hazardous conditions by the light of the night, day and when the spotlight.

In this article, there was some technical information about the glare. Maybe its a little boring, but very important and memorable. Why did we write? Since we met several times with the shares of many companies wanting to promote their brand, handing out various reflections, usually jackets. The objectives of the event were laudable, but unfortunately often these vests were not certified, that is simply not shown in artificial light so someone in Poland prevailed and founded the vest to increase your visibility. It moves after dark from the light, the knowledge "I am visible." And here's a surprise - glare does not "shine" and we have a tragedy.

If you already assume glare let us consider whether our reflective vest motorcycle, belts or suspenders are certified and shine. Motorbike "Give the note"

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Motorcyclist in safety vest calls for safety and visibility

Posté par stebenda le 13/01/2017

Spring is coming, the time for many bikers to meet their engine again stable. The Traffic and Transport Council (HVO) Groningen, the Traffic and Transport Consultation VVBD and the police in safety vest help bikers love to stay safe on the road. This spring they ask to go through a campaign of attention for safe motorcycling and motorcyclists give tips to protect and visible on the road. The slogan of the campaign this year is: "Motorcycling is a party as you stick to the dress code.

Good riding gear can save lives. A motorcycle suit of leather, nylon or fabric protects shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees well when dropped. Thick gloves and high shoes or boots provide extra protection. Finally, wear a properly fitting helmet of course mandatory.

Visibility is not only good protection, but also stand out is important to prevent accidents. Clothing with reflective material enhances the visibility of motorcyclists. The road itself is wise to keep a sufficient distance to other road users. Continue working lighting is important to look ahead. Other road users see motorcyclists better than additionally.

Technical condition finally motorcyclists do well to check their engine before the first Spring Rally. The last stop in the winter for example, is not good for the tire. Also practice driving here can prevent accidents.

Flyers and posters via Face book and Twitter indicate the HVO and the police the next time tips to remain safe and visible on the road. Also, motor clubs, dealers and meanwhile campaign posters and flyers receive chance to hang out and share. In addition, the campaign from late March to see across is the county on reflective tape signs along the side of the road.

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Safety vest for bike’s owner

Posté par stebenda le 11/01/2017

"Is your bike in order, you will receive a road safety gadget," said police spokeswoman Isolde Van Eenooghe. "Deliver you an extra effort to be visible, for example by wearing a fluorescent safety vest, and then you win a cinema ticket or a voucher bike." The cyclists, who are not in order, need to bring their bikes in order within a week and checked by the police.


Road safety around schools is a priority for the local police. The working group traffic and mobility education, short vemoe, has been working for several years to teach students to safely participate in traffic. Under the motto “Swim you learn in the pool, biking on the road pulls vemoe to the schools to teach the children, both in the classroom and on the road, main road and cycling skills. In secondary schools, the working group is in dialogue with the next generation of drivers.

Road safety is also a theme that lives among the members of the youth council Knokke-Heist. “We stand 100 percent behind this action," said Philippe Hill Mans. "Especially during the dark months, it is important that school children stand out in traffic. A good bicycle or wearing fluorescent and reflective material can make a difference. With the gadgets and prizes we want extra motivate young cyclists clearly visible to be. "

Preventive controls

The local police continued in October preventive bicycle checks in the elementary schools of Damme and Knokke-Heist. In total, 741 bikes were checked. About three in 10 bikes were technically out of order. 69 bikes had no or a faulty bike. "Our campaigns and preventive controls have become more effective," says Isolde Van Eenooghe. "At the start of controls in 2013 was one of the two bikes out of order. In particular, mountain bikes and racing bicycles are a problem. Parents often forget that these sports bikes must be equipped in darkness with lights and reflectors."

The police in safety safety vest and youth council checked during the operation in 2015-2016 a total of 476 bicycles in Knokke-Heist. Of these, 109 bicycles traffic safely. The cyclists were given a report warning and had to put in order their bikes within the week.

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Be fines without a safety vest

Posté par stebenda le 09/01/2017

Snackis on Twitter by Olle Goops parking ticket:

Olle Goops fines at Mantorp after careless with the safety vest has become a hot topic.

The driver received a fine of SEK 3 000 after they discovered that he had no vest.

- Do you have driven 37 000 races without a vest then you need not be so fussy, I think, says Olle Goop.

Travelodge profiles on Twitter have responded that Olle Goop received 3000 crowns in fines in DD-1 at Mantorp having failed to put on the safety vest.

"Please say it is not true that the O Goop received 3000: - of fines for driving without a safety vest ... to follow the regulations, but rhyme or reason?"

"Got Olle Goop fined 3,000 for driving without a safety vest? More expensive than speeding, "writes the journalist and blogger trotting Lennart Persson.

"He will be reminded"

Kirk Pettersson, officials at Mantorp, explains that since January 2012 is required to wear a safety vest in the races. During an inspection Monday evening showed that goop does not bar the West.

- In this case, had not Olle Goop it. He was reminded of it when he would go out on the track. Olle Goop said he had been there, go past it and get a pat on the shoulder. Ekipage inspector did not think he had the safety vest on him. But some have thin armor, so he wanted to check again.

Staff urged Olle getting to rig the inspector, but he went by.

After the race went down to the inspector check if Olle had a jacket.

- Then it turned out that Olle had no jacket. Therefore, he is now a punishment, he said.

Is it always 3000 crowns in fines when you have no protector?

- In this case, he got as much as he tries to avoid the check and lie twice. We think that is not fair. Normally it is a B misdemeanor and it is based on the first price, then it can be from 900 SEK to 2000 SEK. Even Daniel Reden was fined yesterday for not been wearing a reflective material safety vest, but he got less in fines as he went and put on his vest.

Is it common for neglecting?

- At Mantorp we have discovered that neglecting each time we have a check of the vests. We have controls virtually every racing and almost every race, we have found someone who has not had safety jacket. This time we had three controls; two drivers were not backed west. Most people use, but unfortunately it seems that there are some who have not wearing the vest. Some say they forgot, it's a little different excuse.

- It's a bit strange, because it is for their safety. It feels like the younger coaches have no trouble with this; the elderly have little harder to accept. But it is possible that I am wrong, says Kirk Pettersson.

"Given me a reprimand"

Olle Goop takes the citation with roses.

- I had forgotten the vest. Well, it was better if they had checked them all then? They did of course not. Do you have driven 37 000 races without a safety reflective vest, then you need not be so fussy, I think. The staff could ever have given me a reprimand that I would wear it next time only.

- It is clumsy, with winter dress and this over. I ran with it all the time, but it is worse, for sure. I was actually a little surprised that I was fine, he says.

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Safety vest keep your safety on snow weather

Posté par stebenda le 05/01/2017

Pascal Joly, Ardennes Prefect informs you that the Ardennes is placed in yellow vigilance snow-ice with a weather situation and monitor called road users wearing a safety vest to the utmost caution. Of freezing drizzle are possible on a large half northwest of the department for the Sunday 1 January. Meteo France does not exclude a snowfall may require special vigilance on the night of Sunday 1 January to Monday, January 2, 2017.

Behavioral advice: Be careful if you practice responsive activities weather risk or near a shoreline or watercourse usual phenomena in the department but occasionally dangerous and locally are indeed provided you keep informed the evolution of the situation.

Traffic tips: Check the condition and operation of your vehicle, especially the tires and their pressure. Ensure the presence, in your vehicle, the safety safety vest and warning triangle pre-approved. Think about the additional equipment: safety vest, squeegees and brushes; bulbs, fuses and spare flashlight, very useful in case of failure. Bring a "supply kit": Have your vehicle warm clothing with safety vest, gloves, blankets, water, something to eat for long journeys or when the vehicle prolonged immobilization.

Adjust your speed to the circumstances and extend significantly the safety distances. Do not take the road completely defrosted before your windshield, side windows and rear windows. Stay informed of traffic conditions and professional advice traffic information or takes a break to visit the website or mobile Traffic monitoring.

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Reflective vest keep your safety on road

Posté par stebenda le 03/01/2017

The school Męcinie many years of tuition for classes 0 to III acquaints students with the principles of participation pedestrian traffic. Students also become acquainted with the symbolism of road signs, know the reflective vest can enhance visibility, and classroom and extracurricular activities, and watch a lot of movies about road safety. They acquire knowledge about how to behave in the event of a traffic accident, learn the types of emergency services and emergency numbers of these services.

Consequently, the children first classes took part in the art competition "Safe Way to School". In contrast, students second and third classes participated in the competition, which was aimed at checking the knowledge, that is knowledge of traffic rules, as well as correct and civilized behavior on the road. The competition was conducted in the form of text. Featured in both contests persons received at the hands of the director Maria Lupa's book awards.

Students also met with representatives of the Traffic Department of the District Police Headquarters. Conducted lectures and practical guidance allowed the children to consolidate known principles.

In addition, third class prepared a radio show Fri. "Safe Way to School" and theatrical Fri. "Who wears reflective clothing, deserves applause," addressed to students in grades 0 - III. His main message was to sensitize to comply with traffic regulations, show proper attitudes safety of road users and make the children aware of the dangers of non-compliance with traffic regulations.

As part of the school, reflective '' high school students from the School Wheels first aid, supervised, conducted training on elementary first aid. With WOŚP Foundation, which has provided the school with a special book for toddlers, phantoms, animated, classes took an interesting form. Students know so chain of survival and the scheme of the most important things needed to be done to help someone. Each participant may have an opportunity to practice various activities lifesaving.

Students from personally made banners passed through the streets, promoting the wearing glare. Happening motto was: "You have to go with reflectors, not to die under the wheels." During the march the children, dressed in reflective safety vest, handed out to passers-by encountered bands self, encouraging them to wear.

High school students were also nominated to participate in the project "Safe Club the Pooh." The program ends filled by students of the Great Test Security and obtaining certification "Safe Club the Pooh."

We are convinced that various forms of work, the scope of ongoing content covered in classes and meetings with police officers will contribute to improving the safety of pupils - teachers say.

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Traffic Safety: safety vests for children

Posté par stebenda le 29/12/2016

The success story continues: More than three-quarters of a million safety vest are distributed to first graders - ADAC, German Post, A Heart for Children and VDA jointly support the action Protectors / Important contribution to road safety of children

The action Protectors goes with the beginning of the school year to the next round. For the fourth time provide the Special Partners - the ADAC Stiftung "Gelber Engel", the German Post, the charity "A Heart for Children" and the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) - that free nationwide 16,700 primary schools in total 770,000 safety vests to graders are distributed.

The bright reflective vest afford - just the beginning of the dark season - a significant contribution for improving the safety of the small road user. Since the beginning of the action in 2010 more than three million have already been issued to first-graders.

Peter Meyer, ADAC President: "Children are the most vulnerable participants in road traffic. Better protect you, is the primary intention of the Special Body protectors, we have launched three years ago. That today provides almost every German Elementary School their first years they begin school yellow jackets available, is a great success for our joint initiative. "

Corporate Board letter German Post DHL: "For the post as largest civilian fleet operators the subject road safety plays a central role. Here we want to share with strong and credible partners making a clear statement. "

Dr. Christina, 1st Chairman of the organization" Kinder "When Axel Springer in 1978 heard on the radio that every year 1500 children in road traffic die he cried, A heart for children 'to life. We are pleased that we can make a significant contribution to the safety vests that today far fewer children are involved in road accidents. "

Matthias, President of the Association of the Automotive Industry: "Children are on the road especially at risk, they need special attention in road safety work. Therefore, the automotive industry supports the safety reflective vest action for school. "

As before, the high accident figures are alarming. In 2012, injured 29 321 children under 15 years on the road, 73 of them died. At the elementary school students between six and ten years, the numbers are similar alarming. 7817 children were involved last year in accidents, 20 of which were fatal.

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Safety vest for the cycling enthusiasts

Posté par stebenda le 27/12/2016

Autumn is obviously a time when we leave their bikes in garages. It remains; however, a group of enthusiasts who gravitate continue their kilometers with wearing reflective clothing. You can join them! Just remember a few things.

The truth is that in our climate autumn cyclists does not spoil and often surprises with morning frost, rain and wind aura. For all these disadvantages should still make later rising sun and before the gathering dusk. In short - the cyclist fall is not easy.


The first and most important rule - Be seen! Cyclist traveling on the road must be visible to the driver. Not only dark, but in the day. Keep in mind that in the autumn air transparency is much smaller. Manufacturers of sports clothes have a wide color palette. It is worth investing in special armbands, reflective vest or other reflective elements. In addition, shortly after nightfall, remember to ignite lights: white front and red rear. The rear light is best to put on a backpack on his jacket or helmet. For your safety, you must shine like a Christmas tree!

Beware of road surface marking on the road, painted white or yellow paint, especially on the lanes and pedestrian crossings. This is what "white" on the road can be very slippery, especially after rains.


Thirdly, and no less significant than the above - consistently forcing drivers to comply with an order to circumvent wheelers at a distance of not less than one meter. Yes, deliberately and with premeditation I took the word "forcing". Horse "close as possible to the right edge of the road" does not mean running next to the curb. You have to take an amendment to the opening doors of parked cars, potholes and other obstacles. Hooking pedal curb can lead to overturning the rider and dangerous accident. Safe distance is about 1 meter from the curb - and beyond. Then biker has more room for maneuver if you notice any obstacle. It will be able to bypass the right rather than the left. I know from experience that this is not always possible, but helps a lot riding on at least half a meter from the curb, not next to him. If the way that you move is not even enough space to perform a dangerous maneuver safely try not to make sudden maneuvers, trying to avoid an obstacle. Remember that such a sudden "dodge" for moving the driver of the car you can be quite a surprise if in this moment is going to overtake you.


Security is one of the elements on which it is worth paying attention to preparing for the fall on a bicycle. However, we must remember to take care of appropriate clothing. What a pleasure to drive if we are cold and all have wet autumn rain?


The basic principle is to not allow extracting excessive amounts of moisture (sweat) by our body. Otherwise, simple cotton clothing will sweat and wet will stick to our body. That is why it is worth to reach for clothing thermo active. Thermal clothing provides better ventilation, easier to keep it constant body temperature. The main task of the service is thermo discharge of sweat from the skin surface. This is essential for our comfort. By moisture cools the body much faster than in dry conditions.


You should also keep in mind the volatility of the autumn weather. And this rain is the biggest bane of the rider. It is necessary here adequate security of your wardrobe. Manufacturers of sportswear offer a wide variety of jackets, trousers or raincoats. It is with you all the time to have a coat or jacket, which at any time can be removed from the bag or backpack. Such a protective jacket certainly is not a great burden for our luggage. A good solution is thereflective vest tourist soft-shell or models with detachable fleece.

If you plan to ride well in the winter, you can think about the gloves of the membrane layer. As quickly we reach for the scarf and hat.

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Police in safety vest work with school

Posté par stebenda le 27/12/2016

Children of primary school proved that its safer with wearing a safety vest on road; the reflective clothing can enhance visibility and protect them.


Be slowly to pull away, looking back over his left shoulder - all free? Stretch the left arm and place carefully. Before turning left a short check: oncoming traffic? Then stop, wait and then turn left.


Oh, quite a lot, thing to remember when turning left. What belongs adult routine on the road, feels for children like a great masterpiece. On this day, the fourth graders of elementary school Orphanage street practice turning left - the last unit of this year's cycling training with the police. Therefore, mascot of Borussia supplies, again additional support and motivation.


Go during retraction in the schoolyard. Policeman Erwin in reflective clothing is who performs training, queries the learned knowledge base. "How close the helmet straps must lie on his chin?" - "A finger width must fit in between" the children call more or less in unison. That works ever well. All students of 4c get a green safety vest with Jünter motif. Then it goes into the Rheydter downtown. Here to be seen what the kids have learned in the last year. The first passage is a little shaky, but from round to round, the children are safe. In particular, the one-handed driving difficult many.


"Parents need to practice outside the school during free time even more with the children," explains Hanschmann. For 20 years he is wheeled coach at schools and see the difference between the generations: "Many years ago I was the training that I'm doing in the fourth grade today already perform with first- or second-graders." For practice to own an empty parking lot where a lot of space. Jonida from 4c also desires that they will in future be safer when cycling. "I want to practice after training with my parents on." Chantal however dares to more and meet with friends for cycling. "The fact that all the students of a class cycling can beforehand, is rare," said headmistress Ursula Hart. "We start from the first class with the traffic education. From the third year we go with the bike training."


To this are motor exercises such as balance training, as well as theory. At the end of the knowledge is queried in a final examination and tested in practice. "A few years ago there were in Gladbach up to 300 children injured in road sweeping within a year," says police Chief Mathis. An alarming number, which is why the police in reflective vest work with schools, kindergartens and partners such enormously increased: "In the meantime, this number has to be reduced only 'still around 100 children still too high." Not only on the part of children should that something be done. "Adults must remain vigilant and take the perspective of an insecure child," said Wiesselmann.


Finally it comes to crowning exercise the final training: The three successively in the middle of the children have to turn left. "There was a lot of fun and we learned a lot," sums up the eleven-year.

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Safety vest protects people at nignt

Posté par stebenda le 20/12/2016

Today, after midnight on the national road No. 60 near Sielec there was a traffic accident, which killed two people without wearing safety vest. 27-year-old resident of the district Ostrow, directing Seat Cordoba, outside built-up of previously undetermined causes on the curve of the road slid into the opposite lane and hit fatally moving from the opposite 56-year-old biker from the county Makowski. Then the 27-year-old returned to the ditch and rolled over. Unfortunately he died on the spot.

Police calls: - Due to difficult weather conditions in the form of dense fog appeal to managers, cyclists and pedestrians be careful on the road, wear a clothing with reflective fabric to enhance visibility and keep safety - says spokeswoman Ostrów. Appeal to the managers of the picture feet of gas especially near pedestrian crossings. Pedestrians are reminded of caution while crossing the road, is not acceptable is run across the road, going before the car arrived. In addition, we remind pedestrians to for the sake of their own safety wear reflectors outside the built-up area after dark, especially when there is thick fog. Cyclists are reminded of the mandatory lighting wheeler, reflective vest will further improve visibility and hence safety.

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High visibility reflective vest for road safety

Posté par stebenda le 13/12/2016

Spidi up a notch security level of its airbag Neck DPS reflective vest, with a declination aptly named "high visibility". The fluorescent armbands had better watch out! 

Airbag vest motorcycle and scooter Spidi DPS Neck Vest: The entire test According Spidi, it would be no less than 10,000 jackets airbag Neck DPS which would be sold worldwide since the launch of this product, a sign that security between gradually in the manners of two wheelers. The Italian brand thus takes the concept a step further in 2012, to meet a demand also growing, especially in Northern Europe: the search for maximum visibility, especially in bad conditions.

In high visibility version, airbag vest optimizing the protection of neck and shoulder - see our test - therefore combines fluorescent and reflective tape. An uncertain towards greater security that will provide armbands , but that alone will not roll serenely as other road users will not be properly trained in cohabitation with motorcycles and scooters. 

Spidi does not communicate yet on tariffs safety vest airbag Neck DPS high visibility, but we will keep you informed as soon as we know more about it.

And regarding refractory to such retina-burning colors, they are reassured; the black version is of course the catalog!

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Reflective vest becomes mandatory since October.1st

Posté par stebenda le 10/12/2016

The absence of reflective vest  mandatory since 1 October and warning triangle will not be subject to a double fine, said Monday the Ministry of Interior.

The Interior Ministry said Monday, October 27 that there would be no double fines for motorists who have their vehicles nor the reflective vest or warning triangle, mandatory since 1 October.

According to the decree of 30 July 2008, the lack of reflective tape and warning triangle "is punishable by the fine provided for contraventions of the 4th class" of 135 Euros, said Gerard, a spokesperson the Ministry of Interior.

Repeated cases of double fines

The association 40 million motorists announced Monday in a statement that its Legal Committee had received "two dozen cases" "membership fined twice by the minutes of 135 Euros for n ' have been present nor the vest or the triangle. " Jean-Baptiste Le Dall, lawyer and member of the legal committee of the association said that "there are certainly others."

The spokesman of the Interior Ministry to reply: "It is a text that has been misinterpreted by some people, so we will immediately; I think in the day, make a circular to the police with safety vest and gendarmes for that interpretation is correct."

"People who have been wrongly fined can easily challenge their double offense" and "may be reimbursed," he added.

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Reflective vest needed in most European countries

Posté par stebenda le 30/11/2016

In most European countries, safety vests are prescribed long. From 1 July all German motorists must have a reflective vest on board. If there is no safety vest, a penalty will be charged.

In an accident or breakdown a reflective vest is useful to pedestrians for other road users to be more visible. At dusk vests reflect the car light up to 150 meters wide.

The vests mandatory from July 1, 2014 shall also apply to buses and trucks, as well as for commercial vehicles. Excluded are motorcycles and campers. The West must 20471 European control marks EN 471 and EN ISO: Wear, 2013.

Permits are reflective vests in yellow, orange and red-orange with two rotating, five-centimeter wide reflective tape.

The vests are manufactured in standard sizes. For children there are, however, special vests in smaller sizes.

Although no wearing obligation, but only the driving is required, a reflective vest in the car should be a precaution for each seating position. It makes sense, of course, to stow the jacket to hand in the glove compartment or in a side compartment. At the bottom of the trunk brings the vest in an emergency little. 

Who does not vest in the car, must count on 15 Euros fine, it has the German Federation for Motor Trades and Repairs (ZDK) out.

Incidentally, who is traveling in other EU countries without high visibility vest, has partially reckon with a hefty punishment: In France road users need 600 Euro or even fork out 1,000 Euros in Belgium.

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Pedestrains, don't forget to bring reflective material

Posté par stebenda le 23/11/2016

Beware of thieves and pedestrians in dark areas around graveyards, police warn. It was Wednesday evening because many families set off to light a candle deceased to the cemetery and honor and their memory. Busy will not only cemeteries, but also roads and paths. Annually, the police recorded an increase in thefts and accidents.

In the field, it is true even of "All Souls' Day were policemen moving around cemeteries and in busy places, but they have not in such a large scale as just last weekend, when the police with safety vest  had a nationwide event focused on the driver, but also monitor the nearby cemeteries.

"Officers from the local police departments to patrol the roads are normally well as foot patrols appear on some cemeteries," advised Michael Richter, spokesman police.

Pedestrians should also have taken into account that they must wear according to the amendment of last year, at least one reflective material , light from a mobile phone or handheld flashlight is definitely not enough. These equipments have appealed and policemen from Rakovnicko random and it will also spokeswoman Michelle Richter control.

Visible up to 200 meters

According to police statistics, only in 2016, died in the Czech Republic, 131 pedestrians because drivers on the road are not seen in time. Even policemen Rakovnicko are planning a publicity campaign where they want pedestrians to explain the effectiveness of reflective elements. The marked pedestrian is required according BESIP visible to drivers at dusk or darkness for up to two hundred meters.

Goer dressed in dark clothing is seen by the driver of the vehicle at a maximum distance of twenty meters.  "Publicity campaign plan to the traffic police in the Thursday, November 10, and not just in the morning but in the afternoon, when it was already getting dark. In addition, we will distribute reflective strips, "said Michael Richter. 

"We use reflective tape  quite frequently, and it came even before the new law. I travel a lot on the bike on the road and without these elements would not even did not depart. It is enough when summer rains in the evening. I think that every normal person for their own safety, these elements used routinely. I'll take it because even now when the road to the cemetery, although children go off the road on a dirt road. “

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Drivers carry a reflective vest is mandatory

Posté par stebenda le 14/11/2016

Approximately 40% of deaths from traffic accidents are outrages, it is why since January 1 will be mandatory for drivers carry reflective vest.

The Chilean Safety Association and the Automobile Club of Chile distributed this implement in the O'higgins Park, with the aim of promoting the use of items drivers.
Since 2016, those who do not wear the safety vest inside the vehicle must pay a fine of 22mil pesos, although the rule so far is not mandatory.

Gabriela, executive secretary of Conaset said that “this rule is aimed at the driver at the time of an emergency and off the vehicle is visible to other drivers that come on the road, especially where they are high speed ".
Reflective vest and reflective tape can enhance the visibility when you on the road, it can make you be seen and you will be safer.

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