Safety vest for bike’s owner

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"Is your bike in order, you will receive a road safety gadget," said police spokeswoman Isolde Van Eenooghe. "Deliver you an extra effort to be visible, for example by wearing a fluorescent safety vest, and then you win a cinema ticket or a voucher bike." The cyclists, who are not in order, need to bring their bikes in order within a week and checked by the police.


Road safety around schools is a priority for the local police. The working group traffic and mobility education, short vemoe, has been working for several years to teach students to safely participate in traffic. Under the motto “Swim you learn in the pool, biking on the road pulls vemoe to the schools to teach the children, both in the classroom and on the road, main road and cycling skills. In secondary schools, the working group is in dialogue with the next generation of drivers.

Road safety is also a theme that lives among the members of the youth council Knokke-Heist. “We stand 100 percent behind this action," said Philippe Hill Mans. "Especially during the dark months, it is important that school children stand out in traffic. A good bicycle or wearing fluorescent and reflective material can make a difference. With the gadgets and prizes we want extra motivate young cyclists clearly visible to be. "

Preventive controls

The local police continued in October preventive bicycle checks in the elementary schools of Damme and Knokke-Heist. In total, 741 bikes were checked. About three in 10 bikes were technically out of order. 69 bikes had no or a faulty bike. "Our campaigns and preventive controls have become more effective," says Isolde Van Eenooghe. "At the start of controls in 2013 was one of the two bikes out of order. In particular, mountain bikes and racing bicycles are a problem. Parents often forget that these sports bikes must be equipped in darkness with lights and reflectors."

The police in safety safety vest and youth council checked during the operation in 2015-2016 a total of 476 bicycles in Knokke-Heist. Of these, 109 bicycles traffic safely. The cyclists were given a report warning and had to put in order their bikes within the week.

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